Iyoo Kashout Comedy Biography: Real Name, Age, Place Of Birth, Girlfriend Friend, Comedy Videos

Iyoo Kashout Comedy Biography: Real Name, Age, Place Of Birth, Girlfriend Friend, Comedy Videos, Parents, Brothers & Sisters, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter Pictures & Images

Iyoo Kashout Comedy is a fast growing content creator & comedian who is popular in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Though he was born & brought up in Anambra State Nigeria, Precisely Onitsha.

Where he still reside with his other family members.

Iyoo Kashout Comedy Biography

Real Name: Iyoo Kashout Comedy

Stage Name: Iyoo Kashout Comedy

Height: 5.9 Feet Tall

Date Of Birth: 2002

Place Of Birth: Onisha, Anambra State Nigeria

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Nationality: Nigerian

Parents: N/A

Brothers & Sisters: N/A

Wife: Not Married

Children: N/A

Girlfriend: N/A

Net Worth: 30,000 Dollars


In the year 2002 Iyoo Kashout Comedy was born in Anambra State Nigeria, Precisely Onitsha.

Which is well known for business & sole proprietorship.

Iyoo Kashout Comedy was born into a strong Christian family, where he & his siblings where taken very good care of.

Growing up Iyoo Kashout Comedy has always wanted to be a comedian, some of his friends even encouraged him to go into comedy.

And this was because how easy it was for him to make people laugh.

And because of this, it made him popular among a good number of his folks.

Who won’t like to have a comedian as a friend.


Iyoo Kashout Comedy just like most Nigerians didn’t grow up in a wealthy or rich family.

But not with standing his parents did a very good job, when it concerns educating him.

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They where sure to see him through the best schools in Anambra state Nigeria.

And u can see the impact this has in his comedy, as a good number of his comedy are not only entertaining.

But also very educative.

Iyoo Kashout Comedy had his elementary & secondary school in a private owned institution.

After his secondary because of his good grades, he was able to get admission into one of the best government owned universities in the states.

Where he is currently under going his bachelor degree programs.


Right from his young age Iyoo Kashout Comedy has been naturally funny, every single thing about him.

Would prompt you into laughing.

He officially started his comedy career after his secondary school.

As most shows & birthday party he was called to anchor the program either as an MC or A hype man.

This is what he kept doing until he began making comedy videos, which he began posting on his Facebook page.

And little by little he began to get views & likes from thousands of people.

Who found a good number of his comedy videos funny & educative.

The comedy community in Onitsha are very big & they have a good number of popular comedians who help the young ones like Iyoo Kashout Comedy stand their feet.

And they didn’t dissapiont as A list comedians like MC Ezegetive, Uncle SP, Lord Zeus & good number of others.

Have been supporting the likes of Iyoo Kashout Comedy, which also gains them more followers & popularity.


Iyoo Kashout Comedy is still very young when it comes to content creator & popularity.

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That is why we don’t really know much about his personal life.

Even though there are lots of rumors that he is in a relationship

Iyoo Kashout Comedy hasn’t come out to confirm if the rumors are true or just mer rumors.

So if you are girl reading this, you are free to shoot your shot at the popular comedian.


INSTAGRAM: @iyookashout

TIKTOK: @iyookashout

FACEBOOK: Iyoo Kashout Comedy

TWITTER: @iyookashout

YOUTUBE: Iyoo Kashout Comedy


Though Iyoo Kashout Comedy hasn’t been on the lime light for a very long time.

This Anambra born & based comedian has been able to raise his net worth to notable number.

And most of this comes from his video revenue & events which he has anchored.

Iyoo Kashout Comedy net worth is about $30,000 Dollars


Iyoo Kashout Comedy





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