Logos Olori Biography: Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, State Of Origin, Girlfriend, Songs, Record Label

Who Is Logos Olori Biography: Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, State Of Origin, Girlfriend, State Of Origin, Parents, Record Label, Cars, House, Pictures, Images, Instagram Facebook, TikTok, Whatsapp Phone Number

Born on the 30th of March 1999 with the real name Olalekan Emeka Taiwo but is popularly known as Logos Olori.

Logos Olori is a fast rising afro pop singer & song writer who is signed to Davido 30 BG record label.

The singer who has been the doing music for a while.

Gained the attention of social media after one of the biggest musician in Africa Davido, announced he has signed Logos Olori to his 30 BG record label.


Real Name: Olalekan Emeka Taiwo

Stage Name: Olalekan Emeka Taiwo

Height: 5.8 Feet Tall

Date Of Birth: March 30th 1999

Place Of Birth: Lagos State Nigeria

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Nationality: Nigerian

Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Taiwo

Brothers & Sisters: N/A

Wife: Not Married

Children: N/A

Girlfriend: N/A

Net Worth: $400,000 Dollars


Logos Olori was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Taiwo on the 30th Day Of March 1999.

He was born in Lagos State Nigeria, into a family of Two tribes Igbo & Yoruba which is the reason he was given both and igbo & Yoruba name.

He grew up in a Christian family filled with love & harmony.

Logos Olori has always been a lover of music.

As he joined the Church Choir at a very young age, where he was an instrumentalist specifically drumming.

While growing up he was already a huge fan of some of the biggest legendary musician which included 2Baba, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti & The king of pop him self Michael Jackson.

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Logos Olori parents even though, they weren’t that well to do.

They made sure he got the best education their money where able to get him.

As he was enrolled into the best elementary & secondary school in Lagos State Nigeria.

After his secondary school he got admission to study Music in the Lagos State University.

And this was mostly attributed to the dieing love he had fo music.


Just like most musician Logos Olori started he his music career at a very tender age.

The joy he derived from music motivated him to joining his church Choir.

Where he be learnt how to play drum set, even as a young boy.

It was during his time as an instrumentalist in his church, he made the decision of being a Music producer.

He went further to learn how to become a music producer.

And with a short period of time, he was already helping lots of upcoming musician record & produce songs.

Little by little he started producing and also working with top Nigeria Artist.

In which YBNL Star Asake is one of them.

As he was one of the producers who worked on Asake top charting Album “Mr Money With The Vibe”.

According to Logos Olori some of he idols when it comes to music includes the likes of 2BABA,Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Justin Timberlake & Michael Jackson.

This legendary musician has influenced greatly in the type of music which Logos Olori makes.

It was during his time as a producer he decided to start making his own music & releasing them.

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And during this period he released a couple of music which includes “Shine” & “Lale”.

That where already doing pretty fine on their own even without any record label or marketing company.

It was during this period he was discovered by one of the biggest musician in Nigeria Davido.

And Davido was impressed by what Logos Olori was doing on his own.

He now decided to sign him into one of the biggest record label in Nigeria DMW.

After getting signed by Davido, he was also featured on a track titled “Picasso” of Davido “Timeless Album”.

Which is one of the biggest Nigeria album of the year 2023.


Logos Olori is one of the few musician, who make it a point of their duty.

To keep their personal or private life off social media, which makes it a little bit difficult for us.

As we don’t know if he has a girlfriend or in a romantic relationship with anyone at this moment.

Is Logos Olori Asake Brother

Are Logos Olori & Asake Related

This are most question which has been bothering a good number of his fans.

There have been speculation all over the media that Logos Olori & Asake are brothers.

But we are not to certain about this information, as neither Logos Olori or Asake has come out to confirm or debunk the speculation.


INSTAGRAM: @logosolori

TIKTOK: @logosolori

TWITTER: @logosolori

FACEBOOK: @logosolori


Ever since Davido announced him as a new signee to his Record Label DMW.

Logos Olori has began to make more money, not only from his streams but from also brands who want to work with him.

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This pumped an increase on his neth worth.

Logos Olori net worth is about $400,000 Dollars











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