Ogechi ‘Caramel Plugg’ Ukonu Biography: Real Name, Boyfriend, Age, Meme, Net Worth, School, University,

Ogechi ‘Caramel Plugg’ Ukonu Biography: Real Name, Boyfriend, Age, Meme, Net Worth, School, University,Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Ex Boyfriend, Facebook, Whatsapp Number, TikTok, Twitter, Pictures

Born on the May 28th 2000 with the real name Ogechi Ukonu but is popularly & well known as Caramel Plug.

Caramel Plugg is a popular Social Media comedian, content creator & social media influencer.

She became an internet sensation after videos of wearing bonet & dancing went viral.

And ever since then she has gotten millions of followers all over her social media accounts.

Which has also given her loyal number of fans most especially in Nigeria.

Real Name: Ogechi Ukonu

Stage Name: Caramel Plugg

Height: 5.6 Feet Tall

Date Of Birth: May 24th 2000

Place Of Birth: Lagos State Nigeria

State Of Origin: Abia State

Nationality: Nigerian

Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Ukonu

Brothers & Sisters: N/A

Husband: Not Married

Children: N/A

Girlfriend: King Manny

Net Worth: 500,000 Dollars


All though most of us know her with the name Caramel Plugg, her real name is Ogechi Ukonu.

And from the name you can tell she hails from the igbo Tribe in South East Nigeria.

Even though she is from Abia state, she was born & raised in Lagos State Nigeria.

Where she practically lived most of her teenage life.

Born into the family of Mr & Mrs Ukonu was something to be proud of.

As her parents where good Christian parents who did everything by their power.

To give Thier Daughter she life deserves.

Right from when she was little Caramel Plugg was always a happy kid, which could be seen as everyone who comes around fell in love with her.

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This also made have lots of friends, as who won’t be in love with beautiful & happy personality like Caramel Plug?

Definitely not me.


In Nigeria you would hardly find a parents who won’t do everything within their power.

To enable their child or children get an outstanding education.

And Caramel Plugg parents Mr & Mrs Ukonu are definitely not exception.

They enrolled Caramel Plug into the best schools in Lagos Nigeria.

Where she had her elementary & secondary school & as a bright kid, she did well & came out with good grades.

After her secondary in Lagos Nigeria, her parents made a decision that she would further her education outside Nigeria.

And in the year 2016 Caramel Plugg got admission to study in one of the best Universities in Canada.

Known as University Of Fraser Valley, which is where she obtained her bachelor degree.


Unlike so many content creator & social media comedian Caramel Plugg started her vlogging career from a YouTube channel she created in the year 2016.

But it was not untill 2018 she made her first post on the YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel was where she talked about Fashion & celebrity lifestyle.

Even though she didn’t get much views on the channel, she didn’t stop either.

But guess what?

Did popularity come from the YouTube channel?

Well the answer is no.

Caramel Plugg popularly started growing after she started making funny short videos which she posted on Instagram.

Then little by little she started getting views on most of videos.

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It was not until a video where criticized popular series Game Of Thrones.

The video went viral & lots of big blogs & celebrities reposted the videos.

That was the change of Caramel Plugg content creating career.

As if right now she has become one of the biggest female content creator in Nigeria.

She currently heads a very controversial podcast called the Rants, Bants and Confessions where they talk about the relationship.

Because of how controversial the podcast is, most of their videos do go virals.

Not only generating millions of views but also building a huge fan base.

But sadly, of recent the podcast has been put on hold, after she Caramel Plug publicly accused the management of the podcast Glitch Africa.

For using she & her co host for click bait.

In addition ones popularity comes in, there also comes brand & companies who want to work with the said individual.

Caramel Plug is the brand ambassador of Payporte.

And she has also worked with lots of fashion & beauty brands which includes Divine Looks Makeovers, Rachi Hairthentic, Ko Si Wahala Fashion Store, Jurlly She, Ego Shoes, Chic Me, FashionNova.

She is also the CEO of popular clothing brand known as Caramel Shop.


Caramel Plugg is not really a private person, especially with how famous she is.

It would definitely be a huge to to be that private, because the media will be on you 24/7.

Caramel Plug is very close friend with skit maker & content creator Sydney Talker.

There was even a time rumor had it, that the two where item.

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Because during that period they where always making comedy videos together.

But it was just a rumor & was never verified by both parties.

Caramel Plugg has been in a romantic relationship with King Manny, who is the Personal Assistant of afro beat singer Burna Boy.

But there are currently rumors that the two have gone their separate ways.

“Breakfast Na Your Mate? It Go Reach Everybody”.

The rumors started after videos of the two love birds having an altercation found it way to social media.


INSTAGRAM: @caramel.plugg, @caramel.sugarr

TWITTER: @caramel.plugg

FACEBOOK: @caramel.plugg

TIKTOK: @caramel.plugg


Caramel Plug has grown not only to be a connect creator, but also the face of so many big brands in Nigeria.

She has a total net worth of about $500,000 Dollars









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