Top 10 Richest Nollywood Teen Actors & Actress

The Nigeria movie market, is one of the biggest movie industry in the world and also the biggest in Africa.

Because of the money been put in & generated are enormous.

And this has also contributed to giving birth to many top notch A list actors and actresses.

And here are the list of top Richest Nollywood teen actors/actresses their cars & houses.

8. Eronini Osinachi

Born on the 5th of match 1999 the model & actor has a networth of about 70,000$ dollars.

7. Mercy Kenneth

Mercy Kenneth was born on the 7th of April 2009,the 15 years actress has a net worth of 90,000$ dollars.

6. Chidi Dike

One of the hottest male actors in Nigeria right now, is Chidi Dike and this is not only because of his cute facial appearance.

But also his exceptional acting skills, he has a net worth of about 120,000$ dollars

5. Olu Ebube

Talented Nollywood Actress Olu ebube, who people mistake as a child. Because of short nature.

She is 5th on this list with a net worth of 150,000$ Dollars.

4. Angel Unigwe

Coming on the 5th position is multiple award winning teen actress Angel Unigwe. Who has a net worth of about 200,000 dollars.

3. Somadina Adinma

On the 3rd of this list, we have Somadina who use to date Reginal Daniel.

He was born on 8 May 1999 and has a couple of luxury cars and house that pushef his net worth to 300,000$ thousand dollars.

2. Emmanuella Mark Angel

Emmanuella came to lime light as comic actor with her uncle Mark Angel.

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This has made her one of the most followed and Richest Nollywood Young actress.

She was born July 22, 2010.

She has a net worth of about 350,000$ thousand dollars.

1. Reginal Daniel

On the number one spot for Richest young actress in Nigeria, we have Regina Daniel.

Who is an actress and the wife of a billionaire senator Ned Nwoko.

Since she got married to a billionaire, it made her one of the Richest actress in Nigeria with a net worth of about 1,000,000$ dollars.






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