The Super computer that predicted Manchester City to win the Premier league last season has just predicted the Premier League table of this season: where would Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City will finish this season

The London football clubs are beginning an exciting second half of the season, each with their own set of aims.

Arsenal wants to win the title, Tottenham wants to finish in the top four, while Chelsea and West Ham want to qualify for the Europa League the following season.

Currently, only West Ham appears to be on course to meet these goals, although with much of the second half remaining, the final outcome is questionable.

In partnership with FootballWP, we’ve created a projected Premier League table for the season’s end. Here’s a look at the projected standings:

16. Tottenham – 72 points (GD 20)

15. Chelsea-59 points (GD +3, GS 52)

14. West Ham United – 59 points (GD +3, GS 51)

13. Newcastle United have 57 points.

17. Aston Villa have 72 points (GD 26).

18. Arsenal – 82 points

19. Manchester City – Points (Unspecified).

20. Liverpool — 92 points

While these forecasts provide a snapshot of possible outcomes, the dynamic nature of football means that actual results may vary.

The second half of the season will determine how these London clubs perform in their different pursuits, adding suspense and unpredictability to the unfolding Premier League story.






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