Former Chelsea Star player Eden Hazard reveals the only footballer that better him in the current Chelsea squad. Chelsea legend Eden Hazard has named the only player that was better than him during

In a recent interview with L’Equipe, Chelsea legend Eden Hazard opened up about his football career and revealed the only player he believes has surpassed him: Lionel Messi. Reflecting on Messi’s prowess during his time at Barcelona, Hazard admitted that while he didn’t particularly enjoy facing him on the field, he acknowledged Messi’s unparalleled greatness in the history of the sport.

When comparing himself to Cristiano Ronaldo, another football giant, Hazard expressed his belief that while Ronaldo may have a larger stature, he doesn’t consider him to be superior to himself purely in terms of footballing ability. He even speculated that Neymar could potentially rival him in skill.

Addressing Ronaldo’s intense work ethic and mindset, Hazard confessed that he couldn’t imagine adopting such a rigorous approach to training. Unlike Ronaldo’s disciplined routine, Hazard emphasized his preference for downtime with friends, playing cards, and enjoying a beer. He attributed this relaxed lifestyle to maintaining his mental and physical well-being, contrasting it with what he perceived as Ronaldo’s intense dedication.

Responding to criticism about his weight during his time at Real Madrid, Hazard defended himself by explaining that he had just completed a stellar season with Chelsea and felt entitled to a well-deserved break. He dismissed concerns about his diet, asserting his enjoyment of food and drink with friends as a vital aspect of his hedonistic lifestyle.

Despite being labeled as lazy by some, Hazard emphasized his commitment to training throughout his sixteen-year career, acknowledging occasional dips in motivation but always showing up for the grind.

When discussing his time at Real Madrid, Hazard expressed admiration for the club and his childhood idol, Zinedine Zidane. However, he admitted feeling out of place with the club’s swaggering image and contrasting playing style, suggesting that Madrid may not have been the perfect fit for his personality and preferences.

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In hindsight, Hazard recognized the significance of his time at Real Madrid in completing his footballing journey, but he also hinted at the challenges he faced in adapting to the club’s culture and expectations. Despite the ups and downs, Hazard’s reflections offer a fascinating insight into the complex world of professional football and the personal sacrifices and choices players make along the way.






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