From Humble Beginnings to Stardom: Inspiring Stories of Nigeria Celebrities!

Some of the celebrities we have in Nigeria were not born with a silver spoon i.e they were born and raised from poor backgrounds. They worked so hard to be were they are today and as you can see, they have become very popular and successful.

On this article today, i will be revealing to you some popular Nigerian celebrities who were raised from poor backgrounds.

1. Wizkid :


2. Patoranking :

2nd on this list is this very good musician in Nigeria. Before fame, he worked as a bricklayer at a construction site and according to reports, he sold rat poison to make money for his family being the first born. As God may have it, he is very popular and wealthy today.

3. Olamide :

Olamide is third on this list, have grew up in a ghetto and his childhood was filled with so much struggle. He discovered his talent and he pursed it, he is one of the biggest musician we have In Nigeria today.

4. Omotola Jalade :

Omotola is second on this list, she was raised from very poor background. Omotola lost her father who was the bread winner of her family at a very tender age.

According to reports, she and her siblings had to beg before they could eat but now her story has changed, she rose from grass to grace.

4. John Okafor:

Fourth on this List is John Okafor, he is popularly known as Mr Ibu. Before he came into limelight, he was very poor to the extent that he could not complete his education. As God may have it, he is one of the richest actor in Nigeria today.

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Sadly he passed on few days ago


Nollywood Actress Angel Unigwe, comes 5th on this list, as before fame. She and her family didn’t have much.

But since she became a house hold name in the movie industry of Nigeria.

She has been able to gather some amount of wealth for her self and family.






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